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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Friday 29th November 2019

In maths this week the children took part in arithmetic and reasoning assessments. It was the first time the children attempted answering different types of questions and they worked hard to do their best. We will continue learning about Time next week and will be focusing on telling the time digitally as well as analogue.  

During our English sessions, we planned and wrote our own diary entry as someone who lived in Pompeii during the time Mount Vesuvius erupted. In reading, the children took part in a comprehension assessment. The children had three different types of texts (fiction, non-fiction and a poem) to read and answered questions based on those texts.

The year 4 children are currently being benchmarked so it is important that you hear your child read everyday and fill in the reading record. If your child is still on the same book band level after they have been benchmarked then you need to spend more time reading with your child and you need to ask comprehension type questions to ensure the understanding is there before changing books. Click on the attachment down below to find out more information about reading with your child. 

During our science session this week we learnt about the positive and negative impact on the environment. Next week we will be learning about endangered animals. You could do some research at home about endangered animals. Click here to find out more.  

As we had assessments this week there is no homework as such but of course remember to support your child with their spellings, reading and of course times tables. 

Have a great weekend.