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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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THursday 17th october 2019

Although it has only been four days of school this week, we have managed to pack a lot in! Firstly, thank you to those of you that managed to attend parents evening this week, it was a pleasure meeting and getting a chance to catch up. Also, for those of you that have rearranged a time for after half term, we look forward to seeing you then. 

This week in English we focused on imperative verbs and how/when we need to use them in our writing. Later on in the week we wrote our own set of instructions using a range of imperative verbs, time conjunctions and adverbs. It was fun to see the children so excited to write instructions for their own special topic. We wrote instructions for helping people with their baking, gardening, drawing, dance moves, football moves, video games, board games and much more.  Maybe you could have a go at home, writing a set of instructions telling people how to do a magic trick or how to make a chatter box! 

During maths this week, we continued learning about Division. The children overcame their initial worries at the start of the week and were confident with solving division sums using the bus stop method as well as paritioning and adding.