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Year 4 News

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  • 16/02/20

    Friday 14th February 2020

    Thank you for your generous donations for International Childhood Cancer Day. It was lovely to see the children be so proud of donating and knowing that they are helping other children. 
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  • 06/02/20

    Friday 7th February 2020

    This week in our English lessons we planned our own story involving the Dish and the Spoon. We designed a picture story map to show each part of the story (beginning, middle (dilemma/resolution) and end). Then we retold our story to our friends using our plans, ensuring that we were c...
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  • 23/01/20

    Friday 24th January 2020

    In English this week we went on an adventure with the Dish and the Spoon and oh boy was it one to remember. The story focused on the ups and downs of living life in the fast lane and dealing with the aftermath of making some very bad decisions. The children were able to identify the dilemmas and iss...
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  • 18/01/20

    Friday 17th January 2020

    This week in maths we learnt more about place value. We looked at 4 digit numbers and looked at how each digit has it's own value/place. We were able to then round numbers to the nearest 10 and 100. Later on in the week we moved onto negative numbers (numbers less than zero). It was interesting...
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