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The Role of Children as Change Ambassadors

Children play an active role in the rights-respecting work of this school. The Rights Respecting Schools Award provides a framework for pupil participation based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Adults are encouraged to work with children and young people in an inclusive way to ensure their views are heard and valued in decision making which affects them. There is recognition of the emerging capacities of children to play an increasingly informed and active role in the life of the school.

In a rights-respecting school, participation runs like a thread through all aspects of school life. For children and young people, knowing that they have the right to be heard in decisions which affect them boosts not only their sense of security but also their self-confidence. This opens the way to developing and applying the skills, language and concepts that allow them to realise their rights and to advocate for the rights of children everywhere.

At Grafton Primary, we have a system of Change Ambassadorship. Our Change Ambassadors have specific roles and responsibilities. 

The ‘Change Ambassador' Teams & Key Roles

  • Article 12 Ambassadors (School Council) - School improvement, pupil voice
  • Eco-Ambassadors – Eco duties, global citizenship duties, working on the Eco-Schools Award, help with recycling, food waste, sustainable travel
  • Faith and Friendship Ambassadors – Charity work, providing playground and lunchtime friendship support, running an outdoor library, communicating with children in our link school in Wales, delivering presentations about their religious views or values in KS1
  • Panda Ambassadors -Attendance and punctuality monitoring, Helping with the Panda Club (breakfast club), identifying pupils for attendance and punctuality awards, motivating pupils to improve attendance and punctuality, working with adults on related issues
  • Health & Safety Ambassadors - Safeguarding duties, updating the Pupil Safeguarding Notice Board, promoting good health, encouraging children to eat their lunch.
  • Coming soon....
      • Language Ambassadors
      • Digital Leader (ICT Ambassadors)

All ambassadors will:

  • have a teaching responsibility with younger pupils
  • be asked to show visitors around the school
  • be involved in planning and delivering whole school events
  • report their activities via the school website and newsletters
  • meet with governors 
  • be advocates for the rights of the child
  • be involved in school assemblies
  • take the lead in securing our Gold Respecting Schools Award
  • work with their link adult to make changes around the school
  • Attend a regular Team Meeting. 

Lexie Webb (Panda Ambassador, Year 5) 

I like being an Ambassador because you get to show other children that it's good to come into school and learn about cool things. My attendance used to be bad but now it is the most improved in the whole school!!  I feel so proud of this 😊 It makes me feel special being an Ambassador because I am responsible for something really important. I am in charge of giving stamps to children when they are in school. I have my own panda stamp and I wear a special panda lanyard to show the other children that I have a special job to do. 

Faith and Friendship ambassadors

We are the Faith and Friendship ambassadors and our job is to make sure everyone has a friend to play with no matter who they are or where they come from.Recently we have done an assembly about having friends to play within the playground. We are doing an outdoor library in the KS1 playground for the 3-6 year olds too. We have friendship stops in both playgrounds so that everyone has someone to play with because children have the right to play.

By Orsemen and Abisola.

Healthy Living Ambassadors  

We are the Healthy Living team. As Change Ambassadors, we like to keep our school healthy. So every Friday, we give out stickers if children have fruit for dessert or if they choose something from the salad bar. We have also done an assembly and we told the whole school about a farmer who had two daughters and was malnourished. At the start of his life, he was very poor but after a while, he sold his ducks so he could buy medicine for him and his kids. On February 9th 2018, we made masks to celebrate health heroes day and raised lots of money for that family and a charity too.

By David, Healthy Living Ambassador 

ECO Ambassadors 

In my team we have been making police tickets for classes that are not eco-friendly. If your class has left the lights on, or they have not been recycling or leaving the tap on then you will get an Eco Police ticket. Classes that get 3 tickets will be named and shamed!

We are also going to adopt a rhino from Africa because rhinos are becoming extinct and are being killed.

We also made some posters to put around the school to remind everyone to recycle. This week we also did an assembly for the whole school about recycling. It is important to recycle because it keeps the Earth healthy. Also, by recycling plastic, there is less plastic in the ocean and this saves animals lives.

I think it is important to be a world saving superhero because we can make a difference. I am also in the school council because children have the right to speak out about things that affect them.

By Andra 4 OAK.

Article 12 Ambassadors 

Hello, my name is Tiffany and I am just one of the many, great school councillors of this school. Being a school councillor is a huge responsibility but, it is a privilege. You get to be the voice of your peers and take all of their ideas into account. Every Wednesday we have meetings and we discuss peoples ideas that they put forward for the school. When we are finished and we come back to class we tell them about the things we spoke about. To be a school councillor you need to be trusted, have good listening skills and make sure your peers can talk to you about their ideas. As a school councillor we try our best to make the school a better place for the children to learn, have fun and play. We have some exciting trips lined up this year including, Kidzania, the Royal Courts of Justice and the Houses of Parliament. You can spot us by looking for our purple lanyards! 

By Tiffany Article 12 Ambassador

School Council 


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