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International Children's Day

This week and last we were learning about International Children's Day
(celebrated on 20th November 2019). 

What is International Children's Day?

The United Nations (UN) is an organisation that was set up in 1945.  Its aim is to maintain international peace and security. The 193 member states agreed that on a specific day each year there should be a Universal Children’s Day where each member “observes a day promoting the welfare of children of the world”.  Universal Children’s Day is a special day where member states of the United Nations promote and celebrate children’s rights.

Many of us are fortunate enough to be born into a society where we are educated, have access to doctors, can play with our friends and are safe. We often take these things for granted. Many children do not live like that.

We worked in small groups with a selection of Articles from the 'UN Conventions on the Rights of the Child' and sorted them whether they related to a child's health, happiness or safety.  We also compared our lives to the lives of children less fortunate to us using a Venn diagram.