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Together We Learn, Together We Achieve

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Faith and Friendship Blog 20.03.19

Today we learnt about Holi, which is also known as the festival of colours.  It was originally celebrated in North India (where it is a national holiday) but is now celebrated in many parts of the world.  It marks the beginning of spring, usually in March. It celebrates Krishna, and the legend of Holika and Prahlad.  Hindus believe that Krishna threw water over milkmaids as a child. This developed into the games of Holi. We listened to a story about a boy, Prahlad, who believed in God and God protected him from harm. 

Ms Chissm and Mrs Robinson came to visit and looked at our PowerPoints about Lent and Onomi shared her Powerpoint about Ramadan and Eid, which are coming up in May. 

We spoke to Year 1 teachers about visiting their classes to share our learning and will be doing this in the last week of term.  

There is a new child starting in Year 4 Hazel on Monday 25th March called Nicola Bartowiak from Poland.  Detola and Besma will be ‘buddying up’ with her and making sure that she is made to feel welcome in our school.

Shreya and Besma Y4