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F&F Blog 18/01/19

F&F Ambassadors spoke to their year groups last week to ask for unwanted games for our playground box; so far, we have received one game of Snakes and Ladders, Jacks and Tiddlywinks.  We will start this tomorrow and hopefully pupils will be able to enjoy their playtimes if they find themselves with nobody to play with. 

We have been given a ‘minutes’ form to complete in our meetings; we record who is present/absent; what we have talked about and our next steps.  This helps us to keep track of what we are achieving and what we need to do next. 

Miss Sarmiento has asked us to create a playground charter to display the rights that children and adults deserve when in our playground.  We had a look through the Articles and chose the six that we felt applied to children and adults respectively.  

Mrs McKinnon has been letting us know of any new children that join the school so we can 'buddy up' with them, make them feel welcome and help to make their transition to Grafton Primary as smooth as possible.   This week a new boy has started in Year 5 so our Year 5 representatives will look after him and let us know how his settling in period is going next week.  Also, he speaks Urdu and Saniyah does too so she has offered to help with any language barriers he may have!  Thank you Saniyah!

We have recruited two new Y6 members to our group as one member cannot be collected any longer and the other has started tuition.