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Faith and Friendship Ambassadors Weekly BLOG 28.11.18

Poppy, Imikan, Ore, Tyra, Jaden, Shreya, Lara, Sophie, Alice are the Faith and Friendship Ambassadors. 

At Grafton Primary School, there are Faith and Friendship Ambassadors. As you might know, the Faith and Friendship Ambassadors are here to make sure that everybody is respected if they have a religion or not and nobody is forced to have a religion.  

We’re also here to make sure that nobody is left out in a group, and that anyone is allowed to be in a group if they want to. 

There are friendship stops and they’re there to make sure that everyone has someone to play with. For example: If You Have No One To Play With (someone saying that you can’t play with them) just go to a Friendship Stop and someone with a blue lanyard will come and talk to you and hopefully get someone to play with them.  

In the playgrounds, the Faith and Friendship Ambassadors walk around, looking at the Friendship Stops to see if anyone is there. Our article is Article 14.  

Article 14: I have the right to have my own thoughts and beliefs and choose my religion with my parents guidance. 

 Articles are very important to us because they mean all types of things to us, but we think Article 14 is the most important out of all the articles. Altogether, there are 50 ARTICLES! 

Thank you for listening! I hope you enjoy your day! 

By: Imikan and Poppy