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New Blog 13/11/18

On Tuesday 13th November 2018 Faith and Friendship Ambassadors were invited to Bonner Primary School. The adults that came with us were Miss Sarmiento, Miss King and Miss Conroy. We left Grafton Primary at 9:30am.  After that, we walked to the bus stop and waited for the bus. When the EL2 bus arrived, we got on the bus and we got off at Barking Station. Then, we went to the train station, we waited two minutes then the train came so we got on .When we got off the train at Mile End, we walked to Bonner Primary School. From the outside, the school looked humongous and all of us were so excited to go in. We went into their office and the teachers logged in while we ate our delicious oranges. The head teacher welcomed us and allowed us to play in the school’s playground and meet some of the children. A teacher got us a room to put our belongings away safely.  Next, we showed our power points of our religion to a year 3 class and when we finished that, we presented them to a year 4 class. The children asked us some questions at the end. After, we went back to the room that we put our lunch and coats in we ate our lunch happily. When we finished eating, we went to the other side of the school. To get there, we had to go through a park .When we got to the other part of Bonner Primary School, we showed our power points to another year 3 and year 4 class. We all walked out of the school and said thank you and good bye. 


By Tyra and Ore